Sedona is the day-hiking capital of the world; or so we’ve been told, and we believe it. Although we only had a chance to sample three, there are so many more that almost beg for us to come back and try.

We joined Kath and Jeff and their friend, Larry on a short jaunt right from our campsite, to the Huckaby trail. We took lots of flower photos as we walked along the mostly flat trail that skirted Oak Canyon.

The amazing plant below looks like a giant asparagus stalk and grows 3 to 4 meters high. It’s called a “Century” plant and it flowers after 25 years and then dies.


Doug hiked around Castle Butte while the rest of us biked. He travelled on a narrow rocky portion of trail that was closed to bicycles, to make a full circumnavigation of the butte.


We were on our own for our hike to Brins Mesa. We planned for an “out and back” trip after reading about it in two guidebooks. Once we were underway with a sense of the landscape and with the aid of the “Sedona Singletracks” map, we turned our hike into a loop, linking three trails and crossing three passes. The scenery was spectacular throughout the four-hour trip. Our sense of accomplishment was not diminished despite the thundershower that caught us in the last fifteen minutes of the hike.


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