Wendy joined Jeff and Kath Ward and their friend Larry for a couple of days of mountain-biking on the very accessible trails around Sedona. Although there were plenty of “hike-a-bike” sections, everyone successfully tackled harder and harder bits and we even discussed the possibility of shin and arm pads as confidence builders for the rougher sections. The views were amazing when we had a chance to look up from the trail, or took the opportunity to get off our bikes and gawk at the scenery. Since the trails were shared, Doug hiked and also took a few pictures of the bikers. An upcoming post will highlight our Sedona hikes.

On Wendy’s first day with the group, we chose to ride the moderately rated Chuckwagon trail. It started off with a nice bit of slickrock.

And continued with lots of rocky drops linked with smoother, flatter sections.

The next day we started off on the Bell Rock parkway, an easier and wider trail that allowed us to develop our confidence going up rock steps. (Actually I’m only speaking for Wendy and Kath, Larry and Jeff didn’t seem to have any confidence issues.) We branched off on the “Llama” trail, then over to “Little Horse” and onwards to a trail named “Easy Breezy” which was anything but. We completed each day’s ride by lunchtime, leaving time to go for a hike or just relax. There are plenty of similar rides around Sedona and we’re looking forward to coming back. (Especially Doug who didn’t ride this year.)

One thought on “Sedona Mountain Biking

  1. Hope you’ll be our trail guides when you go back once Doug’s knees permit riding. Looks very interesting. And you all look comfortable on the single track.


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