We are now enjoying the sunshine at our RV park just outside Zion National Park. We arrived yesterday, just before the strongest winds hit. We made a quick departure from our campsite at Willard Bay, (just north of Salt Lake City), with a plan to make lunch along the way. The impending winds kept us going without a break, which delayed lunch until we got to our RV park at 1:30, which was a bit of a struggle for Wendy, but much better than being buffeted by winds. Needless to say, Wendy did not drive that day.

We took four days to get down here; the first to Missoula to stock up on food, beer and wine. The second day we drove through to Idaho Falls because the forecast for Dillon was for 3-6 inches of snow. The third day was shorter, so we arrived at Willard Bay by noon. It was chilly there, but pleasant enough until the early evening when a squall blew through and it rained horizontally. We stayed warm and dry in our trailer and watched a movie on the DVD player. By this time, Tali had figured out the trailer steps and was no longer doing her “limpet impression” and could maneuver the steps without aid of a harness.


Today we did a reconnaissance of the Zion area, and checked out the mountain bike trailheads. We will be in good shape for the next time we are here and Doug’s knee bends enough to allow him to ride. Doug has to settle for taking photographs of scenery, flowers and birds; sometimes with the flowers providing real-life stretching opportunities. When we got back to the RV park, Wendy explored Virgin, UT by bicycle (yes, almost the whole town in forty-five minutes), while Doug did his physio exercises in the outdoor pool.



2 thoughts on “Finally some sunshine!

  1. HI Doug & Wendy. Glad to hear you got to Zion without getting blown off the road. Being as DH is restricted as to how much he can do, I expect some good quality macro photos of flowers, cactus and anything else of interest. Be well — Doug & Val


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