I had the rare luxury of a shuttle driver for my first mountain bike ride of the season. Doug drove me to the top of the JEM trail above Hurricane. The guidebook sets it up as “a long, fun singletrack descent with a scenic canyon rim ride as a treat at the end.” Those of you who know me, know I prefer to follow someone, whether skiing or riding, but this time, I was on my own and I needed to be brave about it. I had water, snacks, extra clothing, and a map of the ride as a photo on my phone. I was set up with a radio so I could communicate with Doug as I rode. The weather was perfect for a downhill ride; warm and not very windy.


As it turned out, the ride was really very easy (if you ignore the steep, rocky trails that I walked), and I was able to see Doug in the truck at various points along the trail. He had chosen to explore the dirt road that paralleled the route. As a bonus, he was able to take photos of me as I rode past. I could have ridden the road all the way to our RV park in Virgin, but as the “princess” I gladly accepted a ride from the end of the trail. Pure luxury in my books.

To top off a perfect day, we drove into St. George and visited the Superior Threads warehouse and fabric store. I’ve dragged Doug into a fair number of quilt shops, but this one was different. It was large and set up like a library with rows and rows of fabric bolts. Doug wandered down an aisle of batiks and was taken with one particular beige/blue “dotty” pattern. Within a few minutes we had selected four other coordinating batiks. The blue might go with the colour of our bedroom wall; and if not, we’ll repaint. So that means this quilt for our bedroom (that I don’t yet have a pattern for) will jump to the front of the line. And I also bought some thread; even though I was a bit overwhelmed with a whole warehouse to choose from.


Doug’s picks (new quilt for the bedroom to come!)

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